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L.R. N.16 DEL 28-07-2017 ART. 16 c.8 - The property is located at number 74 of the central Via Oristano (former Via Nazionale), that joining the Via Cagliari crosses the whole town. With a stroll to the historic center of the town, well-kept and full of charm, it is characterized by the presence of typical architecture of the Campidano, which recalled the constructive skill of the masons sardaresi, whose capacity -a time known all over the insulation They are still popular today. The building -whose original building dates back to 1935 about- falls within the "Center of the first and ancient formation" and is developed on the ground floor and first floor. The property in 2011 was the subject of a general redevelopment, involving the restoration of the facades in stones "exposed face", and the renovation of the roof slab. Recently, however, it was completed the internal restructuring of the first plan, which included the renovation of all the finishes and the adaptation of plants. Just in the renovated areas of the first floor, it will be carried on the business of B & B. From the sidewalk of Via Oristano, you enter the courtyard of the house. Across the courtyard side you come close to the external staircase, through which you reach the terrace of the first floor, opposite the entrance to the B & B. Access is protected by a loggia made warping in solid chestnut and coverage of "tiles". From the porch you enter the breakfast room, with a kitchen full of linear common accessories, and equipped with a table with four chairs. From the breakfast room you reach the hallway, where there are the entrances of all other environments. All the rooms have preserved the old interior doors, showing the hardware ORIGINATING and bare wood with his scars. The disengagement allows entry to two bedrooms and toilet. The rooms, to use double (but can also be used for single use), are referred to as "white" and "green". Both rooms are set up with local materials and local building traditions. The roof has warping in solid chestnut, and coverage of "tiles". The perimeter walls are stones of the place (Pedra de Murriabi), internally finished with lime plaster and natural aggregates, and with external face rockfill "exposed face". The rooms are furnished with wooden furniture brushed, pastel color, offering simple lines in harmony with the environment. The bathroom combines with modern and traditional styles. The large wet room with its bay window glass, overlooking the facing wall stones "exposed face", offering comfort and charm out of the ordinary.

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