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San Sperate

San Sperate is a small town in the province of Cagliari with about 7000 inhabitants.

Situated just 20 Km from Cagliari, it is one of the most important Sardinia agricultural centers. The main cultivations are peaches, citrus trees, apricots, tomatoes, grains and vegetables. You can see lemon trees as wells as orange and mandarin trees everywhere.

As many finds show, San Sperate has a very ancient history. In 1976, during one of the first archaeological excavations, the famous “Maschera Ghignante” (sneering mask) has been found: it is a unique and well-made find. Moreover, the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari hosts the famous Modellino di Nuraghe (Model of Nuraghe). 

In 1967, San Sperate became a museum-village and hosts many works of important Italian and foreigner artists as well as cultural meetings, theatre exhibitions and festivals. The idea to transform San Sperate in a museum-village was born in 1966 by Pinuccio Sciola, which painted all the walls with the white colour on the occasion of the Corpus Christi (feast) and invited several artists to paint their works on the village walls.