Alcuni B&B di Quartucciu

S.S 125 Km 18
City: Quartucciu
Zona: Quartucciu (CA)
Prezzo min: € 20,00
Descrizione: L.R. N.16 DEL 28-07-2017 ART. ...




Quartucciu is a small town in the province of Cagliari with about 11500 inhabitants. It has made part of the municipality of Cagliari from 1928 to 1983.

Quartucciu hosts a famous Giants’ Grave “Sa Domu ‘e s’Orcu” which dates back to the 10th – 9th century BC. It is one of the most important and well-kept Giants’ Graves. It is located into the Sette Fratelli Natural Park. It has got a stylized bull protome strucure, with a rectangular backwards tapered body. It was used as tomb or to celebrate other religious rites as the catch basins in the northern side of the monuments evidence.

“Pill’è Matta” is an other Punic-Roman archaeological site with unique characteristics in Sardinia. It is a necropolis which has been found by chance during some works in the industrial area of Quartucciu. There about 200 tombs and more than 2000 finds such as glasses, dishes and lamps.

The necropolis has always been inhabited from the 4th century BC to the 5th century AD (from the Punic to the late Roman period). For this occasion, the “Ex Casa Angioni” cultural centre organized a museum-show with more than 1000 finds.