Alcuni B&B di Orroli




Orroli is a village in the province of Cagliari with about 2500 inhabitants, in the Sarcidano area.

The village is located on the slopes of the basaltic plateau of “Pranemuru”, 68 Km from Cagliari.

This village has got a great heritage thanks to the ruins of the past. In fact, there are many sites and hypogeic necropolis which date back to the final Neolithic and metal age, many bronze and iron age monuments and also Roman and Medieval finds.

The whole plateau is dotted with tens of Nuragic monuments that are typical of this beautiful Sardinian landscape. The most important monument is definitely the “Nuraghe Arrubiu” (as megalithic complex, it is one of the most important in Sardinia and western Europe).

Although the archaeological researches are still in progress, Nuraghe Arrubiu has become an important tourist attraction with the most receptive infrastructures.