Alcuni B&B di Muravera




Muravera is a village with 5000 inhabitants, just 65 Km from Cagliari.

It is the most important centre of the Sarrabus area, very well-known for the citrus production. This village is also known for its beautiful beaches, in particular that of Costa Rey, with the homonym touristic settlement. Not far from the village, you can visit many interesting archaeological sites such as the menhirs of Piscina Rey and Cuili Piras.

This tourist centre has focused more on the popular handicrafts such as the production of carpets and fabrics created with the oak loom, weaving handworks that give life to reed, wicker and bulrush baskets which are very important for the construction of an ancient musical instrument called “launeddas”.

Leaving the village, there is the foresta of Baccu Arrodas, an impenetrable Mediterranean Macchia wood well-equipped with many rest areas for your spring walks. Near the seashore of San Giovanni, there is the Ten Horses Tower (La Torre dei Dieci Cavalli, called by the Spanish “Torre de la Puerta”), a historical defence construction which was the entrance of the Sarrabus villages.

The citrus town festival is the most important event of the village: you can find all the best products and admire many folkloristic groups from everywhere in Sardinia.