Alcuni B&B di Monserrato

La Casa di Zia Maria
Via Giulio Cesare, 44
City: Monserrato
Zona: Monserrato (CA)
Prezzo min: € 30,00
Descrizione: L.R. N.16 DEL 28-07-2017 ART. ...




Monserrato is a small town in the province of Cagliari with 21000 inhabitants.

Monserrato was an independent city until 1928, after this it was unified to Cagliari. It regained its independence in 1991 after a referendum and a regional law.

The Sardinian name “Pauli” means marsh (in Italian palude). Since the Middle age, first, it has been called “Pauly” and then “Paùli Pirri”. Afterwards, it has been known by the name of Monserrato (a word having reference with the Madonna of Montserrat, near Barcelona) .    

The economy of this small town is based on agriculture, above all on the wine making. Still today, Monserrato has got the greatest production system: the Cantina Sociale (founded in1924, the first in Sardinia) that produces many valuable wines such as Nuragus, Monica, Moscato, Nasco and Girò. In Monserrato, it is very common to see a palm leaf leaned against the main entrance of the homes, above all in the historical centre: it means that in that home the wine is sold.

In the surroundings of Monserrato there is the Cittadella Universitaria (university citadel) that includes the university general hospital where many faculties of Cagliari have been decentralized.