Alcuni B&B di Collinas




Collinas is a small village in the Medio Campidano province with about 1000 inhabitants in the Marmilla area.

The building of Monte Granatico hosts the Ethnographic Museum into the “Centro Studi Storici “G.B. Tuveri”(centre of historical studies). The archaeological patrimony of Collinas is very important: in fact, not far from the village, in the “bosco storico”(historical wood) of Santa Maria Angiargia, many ruins of a Roman thermal complex have been found: these ruins make part of a villa still under excavation.  

On the street that leads to the 131 trunk road, it is possible to visit the Giants’ grave of “Sedda sa Caudeba”, in the neighbourhood of which many ruins of a Roman castrum have been found.

On the street Collinas-Siddi there is the “Sa Corona Arrubia” natural museum (Sardinian dialect: it means red crown), which is linked to the top of Siddi jar with a chair lift that overflies the Mediterranean Geobotanic Park and the basaltic relief of Sa Corona Arrubia: it owes its name to the red lichens proliferating there. In the museum, all natural environments of the Campidano area are faithfully reproduced using three-dimensional reproductions made with the help of the best European experts. The museum also hosts a regional collection of traditional Sardinian toys.