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City: Castiadas
Zona: Castiadas - Olia Speciosa (CA)
Prezzo min: € 30,00
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Castiadas is a small village with 1500 inhabitants just 60 Km from Cagliari. This village boasts a wide natural territory, a healthy climate, an uncontaminated environment. It has got  20 Km of coast with beautiful beaches such as Cala Pira, Monte Turno and Sant’Elmo, Cala Sinzias, Cala Martina, Villa Rey and Santa Giusta.  

Apart from its wonderful beaches, Castiadas has got a enviable natural patrimony where the flora has always been kept intact. The numerous wild fauna found in Castiadas its ideal habitat: deers and boars, golden eagles, buzzards, common ravens, wild cats, martens, foxes, wood pigeons, great spotted woodpeckers and many other animals.

From the highest point of Minni Minni that can be reached by guided bicycle and walking tours, it is possible to admire the whole territory of Castiadas and some Villasimius coasts.

The first traces of the modern civilization date back to the 14th century, when the village of Villanova Castiadas was founded and abandoned thereafter (a century) because of the frequent pestilences and cases of malaria. After three centuries of complete abandoning conditions, the area has been reclaimed in the late 9th century with the aim of founding an agricultural penal colony that has been closed in 1950s and transformed in a museum.

The economy has always been based on agriculture and sheep farming, but today the tourism plays a very important role thanks to the several settlements along the coast.