Alcuni B&B di Cagliari

Via della Malva, 51
City: Cagliari
Zona: Cagliari - Ospedale Brotzu
Prezzo min: € 30,00
Descrizione: L.R. N.16 DEL 28-07-2017 ART. ...
Via Concezione 3
City: Cagliari
Zona: Cagliari - Centro storico
Prezzo min: € 45,00
Descrizione: L.R. N.16 DEL 28-07-2017 ART. ...
I Gabbiani
Largo Carlo Felice, 36
City: Cagliari
Zona: Cagliari - Centro storico
Prezzo min: € 25,00
Descrizione: L.R. N.16 DEL 28-07-2017 ART. ...




Cagliari is in southern Sardinia, on the Angels’ Gulf (Golfo degli Angeli).
The town stands on seven chalky hills: Castello, San Michele, Tuvixeddu, Monte Urpinu, Bonaria, Monte Mixi and Sella del Diavolo.

Its urban area extends along the gulf as far as the Campidano plain bordering with villages and small towns such as Quartu S.Elena, Selargius, Monserrato and Quartucciu.
Cagliari is a lively and modern forward-looking town which keeps its history and its link to the past intact. Walk through its historical centre narrow streets and admire the houses, the walls, the bastions, the churches, the ancient workshops and all things you have in front of your eyes… it is the best way to know it.

Faith and passion… and many other reasons…. Such as the Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Genoese, Pisan, Aragonese and Piedmontese colonization that make Cagliari inhabitants the guardians of very rich traditions.

Cagliari is a forward-looking town that keeps at the same time its history intact through the town festivals, the religious  and pagan rites all the year such as Carnival, Easter, Sa Die de sa Sardigna (Sardinian dialect: it means “Sardinia Day”) and the Sagra di Sant’Efisio (Ephysius of Sardinia). Many traditions still live in the several craftsman shops of the historical centre where you can also taste the rich cuisine and wines in many small restaurants and typical wine bars everywhere.