Alcuni B&B di Assemini




Assemini is a small town with 26.000 inhabitants just 15 Km from Cagliari.

It is known for its ceramics, the Ichnusa beer works and for the Cagliari Calcio football club. Ceramic tradition is deeply time-honoured and the first historical finds date back to the Punic domination period in Sardinia. The “Mostra Permanente della Ceramica d’Arte” (permanent show of ceramics) contains more than 250 unique pieces.

As other small towns of that area, Assemini still has several typical “Campidanese” homes (south Sardinia style), recognizable by their characteristic central courtyards and wide open galleries (called “lollas”): they are considered as a historical and cultural heritage.

In the culinary tradition, Assemini in very well-known for its “Panada”, a typical plate that consists of a thick paste of not leavened bread stuffed with meat (lamb or pork) and potatoes with saffron, olive oil and “strutto” (kind of Italian lard).

In summer, there are many events such as “Festa della Musica” which consists of a meeting with musicians from every part of the world. During the last ten days of July there is an other important event called “Matrimonio Asseminese” in which all participants wear  typical Sardinian clothes and speak only Sardinian dialect. Still in July, there is the “Festival Internazionale del Folklore”(international folklore festival).