About us

It is a non-profit organization born in 2004.
It is formed by dealers that worked at the creation of Bed&Breakfast in Sardinia and put their experience at this field development disposal.

It offers and guarantees the best quality accommodations and hospitality: this is the main goal that all dealers share.

The Organization offers consulting and assistance to those who want to start a Bed&Breakfast activity, but it is also a reference point during the growth and enrichment path thanks to the open dialogue with the other dealers.

The dealer lives in the spirit of solidarity and cooperation for the organization in order to offer a better complete service.

The goal is to cooperate with an efficient and high quality B&B network and not as isolated activities.

Today, the organization boasts 82 partners with a common goal: to offer a high quality profiting activity in which the B&B facilities satisfy the high-quality demand of small accommodations.

The organization also offers to its guests additional services such as the territory promotion with tourist routes and offers to valorise the cultural, social and environment Sardinia resources.

Becaming a partner

To become a partner you just need to fill the form "Adherence form" and the "Technical Details" that you can find to the side and mail them to: You will be contacted to accomplish your registration..


Our homes, flats and villas are at your disposal for your holiday or business travels, either for short or long periods. We guarantee a high quality hospitality.